Citizen Jury – A City With Youth In Mind

The Citizen Jury – ‘A City With Youth In Mind’ was held at Holywell last night (12th April). The event was a great success with vital evidence presented, informed discussion and important deliberations by the appointed jury. Evidence was presented at the event by: Roisin O’Hagan – findings of our engagement with young people throughRead more

Local Radio Coverage for Citizen Jury Event

The Citizen Jury for the Young People theme of our project will take place tonight (Wednesday 12th April @ 6.00pm in HOLYWELL). In the run up to the event Roisin O’Hagan, our Project Co-ordinator, has been on local radio over the last few days. Roisin was on Drive 105.3 on Monday with Noel Moore to talkRead more

Gender Stereotypes

As a youth worker in the city there are three things which young women tell me has an impact on their lives and presents barriers to their equality. Firstly Gender stereotypes – Gender stereotypes are everywhere, they are widely used and ‘accepted’. From the moment we are born we are often dressed in a gender-focusedRead more

Mind the Gap

There is a generational gap between adults and children. There always has been and always will be. However at this specific point in history the gap is more significant than ever. We’ve all heard parents or other adults use the line; “I remember when I was your age. I know what it’s like!” This isRead more

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