Citizen Jury – A City With Youth In Mind

The Citizen Jury – ‘A City With Youth In Mind’ was held at Holywell last night (12th April). The event was a great success with vital evidence presented, informed discussion and important deliberations by the appointed jury.

Evidence was presented at the event by:

  • Roisin O’Hagan – findings of our engagement with young people through the project
  • Emily McCloskey – positive approach to improving our city for young people
  • Sorcha McElwee – some of the mental health challenges facing young people
  • Cat Healy – Exodus research interim findings

Following the presentation of the evidence the jury retired to consider the priority issues to be addressed and to suggest solutions for a way forward. The priorities issues and solutions that the jury of young people would like to see addressed are:

  1. Mental Health
    • Establishment of a local 24-hour support centre where young people can access face-to-face support.
    • Development of age appropriate peer support programmes that will help young people to support each other.
  2. Employment & Education
    • Expansion of the university at Magee.
    • Incentives to encourage businesses to locate here and to support local efforts to create jobs for young people such as the proposed Boxpark.
  3. Drugs & Alcohol
    • Detox centre established in the city.
    • Realistic harm reduction programmes made widely available to make young people aware of the negative impact of drug and alcohol misuse.

The next step in the process will be to lobby, with the young people, for the solutions put forward.

A podcast on the jury event will be available soon.

Thanks to all for getting involved – especially the witnesses and jury members.

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