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The first Fingerpost magazine was first produced in the Spring of 1986. The magazine was a true community publication giving voice to those who had limited access to public discourse. The first edition set the tone for the publication that would go on to become a vital vehicle for community expression for 25+ years. The editorial of the first edition set the objectives for the magazine:

“Fingerpost attempts to promote the process of developing independence and autonomy by encouraging:

  • Unusual or previously unpublished commentary which will provide alternative slants to that of mainstream opinion. 
  • Personal statements about choices which have meant living in a different lifestyle within the same geographical space as others who have a more traditional world view.
  • Direct and clear information on ‘alternatives’ and on community projects which challenge stereotypes. 
  • The publication of stories, essays, crosswords and poems of local interest. 
  • The celebration of thoughts and emotions through their creative expression.”

Over the years Fingerpost championed many causes and published many seminal articles on key issues ranging from investment in the North West and environmental issues to peace building and community development.

Now, Fingerpost has been reimagined and relaunched through this website, This reimagined Fingerpost will initially be used by the DiverseCity Community Partnership’s Civic Activism Project, which is supported through the Building Change Trust.

As you will see from the site the project will focus on four issues crucial to the future of the city of Derry/Londonderry – innovation and investment; a shared and thriving city centre; youth aspirations and employment; and breaking the cycle of debt and poverty.

The examination of these issues continues Fingerpost’s tradition of raising matters vital to the local community and providing a forum on issues of clear importance. To help support the discussion on the four selected issues we will be selecting important articles and features from the Fingerpost archive relevant to the matters being explored – it is reflective of a place that suffers from chronic lack of investment that these issues have been covered in detail for the past 30 years.

We hope that you enjoy the reflections from the past that will be placed alongside the project’s ongoing engagement and discussions within the local community. We hope that through this forum we will be able to help to create real change for the people of the North West.

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