NW Innovation

What type of innovation and investment do we need for our future? This is the key question which the Innovation Study Group will try to address. Our study group participants includes community activists, business sector, public sector representatives and the wider community. Derry/Londonderry has the highest levels of unemployment, child poverty, and deprivation. We are atRead more

City Centre

How do we create and sustain a welcoming and vibrant city centre.  Through the project we will provide the opportunity for local people to inform how the city centre is shaped and managed that encourages collaboration and the promotion of truly shared spaces.   This will include an examination of how local people that canRead more

Young People

Derry/Londonderry is a young city which needs to rise to meet the aspirations of it’s young people. There is a culture of joblessness and long term unemployment that impacts on the aspirations of young people that can result in disillusionment or departure – options that do not positively contribute to our community’s future.  

Debt & Poverty

Our city is affected by high levels of unemployment and all the resultant impacts that this has, including debt and poverty, which has a stifling impact on local people and their aspirations.   Our project is examining this theme in detail through our four engagement tools. We have representatives from a wide range of organisations whoRead more

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